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The First Crypto-Centric Mobile Gaming Platform and Store For In-Game Purchases

Two Years and Well Over One Million Dollars Spent in Development


Mobile Games To Start,

Expanding To 1000s of Games in 2017.

Two Years and Well Over One Million Dollars Spent in Development:

Introducing the First Crypto-centric Mobile Gaming Platform and Store
For In-Game Purchases

Over 300 Mobile Games To Start,

Expanding To 1000s of Games in 2017.

Platform features using MobileGo tokens will include:

Gamification of Platform – Earn Discounts and Rewards

Decentralized Virtual Marketplace

Decentralized Match Play

Decentralized Tournaments

gplay vs gc store - timeline

Global Mobile Gaming Market Growth

3rd  Party Mobile Platform Revenues

Apple Store and Google Play

2016-$35 billion
2015-$25 billion
gplay vs gc store

“Perhaps the biggest task crypto faces is gaining mass consumer adoption in some area.  As the owner of a game development company for 13 years, I know game developers want blockchain solutions. But I also know for gamer adoption we have to make the experience exciting, convenient and pass savings back to the players. We plan to do that in China, Asia and the West.” 

– Sergey Sholom VP of Development and CEO of Datcroft Ltd.


Sergey Sholom

Sergey Sholom

As a teenager, Sergey was a championship level gamer and created the first large gamer group tournaments in Russia for Quake. After receiving a PhD in mathematical modeling Sergey founded Datcroft Games Ltd. in 2004. Over the last 13 years, Datcroft has developed multiple worldwide popular games with registered users exceeding 13 million gamers. Sergey continues to oversee a company of over 100 employees that continues to bring new cutting edge games to market. Datcroft’s latest game Pixel Wars, to be released in May, has already received critical acclaim. Sergey has been a proponent of using blockchain technology to solve many problems in the gaming industry. He has traveled the world giving lectures and talks about the need for payment processing solutions and gameplay environments that give game developers more profits and gamers more options and experiences by using the blockchain.
Maxim Sholom

Maxim Sholom

Maxim brings more than 12 years in gaming industry. Maxim has been the award winning producer of games like Get The Gun. Maxim’s game development projects have brought him respect worldwide in the gaming industry. For the last two years Maxim has been overseeing the development and design teams behind the Gamecredits Mobile Store. As chief architect of the mobile platform, Maxim has overseen the functional integration and intuitive design of the system.
Vesselin Peev

Vesselin Peev

Vesselin is the lead platform developer for the Gamecredits Mobile. Vesselin brings 15 years of engineering experience. His clients have included major telecoms companies and enterprise-level solutions for recruiting companies Recrutix and built upon big data technology. Vesselin’s security certificates include CanCERT, EWA Government systems, IIT and ISSEA.
Fran Strajnar

Fran Strajnar - Lead Escrow

Fran is a multi-disciplined entrepreneur, deeply involved in the highly disruptive and exciting Digital Currency & Blockchain Ecosystem. Masters of Entrepreneurship. Founder of several companies. Extensive travel around the globe for Blockchain, Payments and FinTech events. Fran has grown-up with the Blockchain industry globally and has a firm understanding of Enterprise Blockchain Solution Design.
Nikola Djokic

Nikola Djoke

Nikola has 12+ years of experience in operations and engineering. Nikola worked at one of the world's leading companies in the area of gambling-related development, where he was a technical and team lead, architect and development operations lead.
Chafik Abdellaoui

Chafik Abdellaoui

E-sport Business development :
E-sports is my passion and my soul believe. With a couple of years experience in Traditional E-sports, I realized the potential of E-sport is beyond the imagination. This Imagination leads me to build a new kingdom of Esports for Mobile Gaming starting with MobileGo, the very first believer of this reality.
Bok Khoo

Bok Khoo

Director and Consultant is an Actuary and quantitative software developer with over 28 years of industry experience. Bok has been working with clients from bank and corporate treasuries, investment managers, government entities, exchanges and financial soft vendors in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the UK and Europe. Bok, also known as the BokkyPooBah on, and, is now working to bring decentralised trustless exchanges ( and traditional fiat financial instruments to the Ethereum trusted and decentralised blockchain platform.
Stefan Crnojevic

Stefan Crnojevic

Conducted research in Theoretical Computer Science and Computer Security. Participated and won awards on international competitions in Computer Science research. Completed Grammar School for Computer Science, a special high school for gifted children, and is now lecturing cryptography at institutions dedicated to talented students. Currently studying Mathematics and Computer Science, and researching blockchain technologies and cryptographic protocols in general. Blockchain Architect


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