Final 36 Hours Of MobileGo 15% Discount

36 Hours Left For MobileGo 15% Discount


We are almost 1/3 of the way through our crowdsale and we are happy to report it has been quite a success so far.  MobileGo is close to $10 million in total funding. MobileGo is now by far the largest crowdsale associated with the Waves platform. MobileGo is also one of the largest ETH based asset crowdsales of 2017. 

The MobileGo team is hard at work these days, with leaders having had new high level business and gaming partnership meetings in China, Korea, India, Poland, and England. Our mobile gaming platform continues to on-ramp more games in anticipation of its release. We encourage you to try out the game store demo at

We know our crowdsale deposit panel has had a few issues along the way and we appreciate everyones understanding and patience with any issues you may have faced.  Our goal is to make everyone supporting both MobileGo and GAME feel appreciated and a real part of our community.  This crowdsale is but one minor milestone along the roadmap we have planned for the years to come. 


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