All you need to know about the MobileGo crowdsale, at-a-glance.


There’s plenty of information available about the MobileGo crowdsale and what it intends to achieve for the gamecredits ecosystem. The MobileGo website is a good place to start, as is the gamecredits site and Slack. All you need to know about MGO and GAME, and the relationship between the two, should be here – and the folks on Slack are very helpful should you need to ask any questions.


If you’re already sold on the idea, you may still have the odd question about the details of the crowdsale itself. In which case, here’s everything you need to know:


  • Schedule. The crowdsale starts on 25 April and lasts for one month.
  • Currencies. You’ll be able to buy MGO tokens with BTC, WAVES, ETH and GAME. There will be a bonus for GAME deposits. (Any GAME collected will not be sold on the open market, instead being used for OTC sales with strategic partners.)
  • Blockchains. MGO will be the first crowdsale token to exist on two blockchains, thanks to Incent’s BlockSwap Ethereum’s smart contracts will enable decentralised gaming tournaments, whilst the Waves platform allows straightforward token operations. You can choose to send your tokens to the waves wallet or an ethereum wallet regardless of what you invest with.
  • Supply. There will be a fixed total of 100 million active MGO tokens. These will be issued to investors after the end of the crowdsale. 100 million MGO will be created on both the Waves and Ethereum blockchains, but exactly half of these will be locked at any given time. 70 million MGO will be sold in the crowdsale, with another 30 million retained for the marketing, partnerships and development over the next five years.
  • Discounts. Early investors in the crowdsale will receive a bonus. Discounts may also be available for strategic partners before the crowdsale. For more details, ask in Slack or email [email protected].
  • Escrow. All funds deposited will be held in multi-sig wallets, where possible.
  • ROI. MGO tokens will trade on the open market. A proportion of revenues from the commission on sales of GAME to gamers via the GameCredits wallet will be used to buy back and burn MGO tokens periodically.
  • Funding cap. There is no funding cap, though the MobileGo Team reserve the right to end the crowdsale early if a very large amount of funding is obtained.
  • Incent bonuses. As part of the deal with our ICO tech providers, Incent bonuses will be distributed to all investors in proportion to their deposits (.5% of investment back in incent). Incent is a blockchain loyalty scheme that aims to disrupt the rewards sector. Participants’ Incent can be held, sold or used to buy products from participating merchants.


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