June 2017

Calculating Your MobileGo

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In order to calculate amount of MGO tokens every investor should get we are using the following method:

1. Get BTC value in USD for the moment of investment. We are using coindesk – check it […]

May 2017

How Your MGO Total Is Calculated

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There have been a lot of questions about how the MobileGo token allocations are calculated. And, it is true, the math can seem a bit complicated at first. So we wanted to put together some […]

April 2017

About the MobileGo crowdsale

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All you need to know about the MobileGo crowdsale, at-a-glance.


There’s plenty of information available about the MobileGo crowdsale and what it intends to achieve for the gamecredits ecosystem. The MobileGo website is a good […]

All about Incent

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Every MobileGo investor will receive an Incent bonus. But what is Incent, and why should you hold it?


MobileGo is a cross-platform collaboration that will use both Waves and Ethereum to host the token that will […]

MobileGo crowdsale: why now?

By | April 8th, 2017|Categories: Blog, GameCredits, MobileGo|

Gamecredits has existed for three years, but it’s only now that we’ve decided to hold a crowdfund to promote development and marketing. Here’s the background to that decision.


Like bitcoin, gamecredits started as a small, bootstrapped […]

Getting started with the Waves wallet  

By | April 3rd, 2017|Categories: Blog, MobileGo, Waves|


Waves is a powerful and straightforward cryptocurrency platform. Designed for mass adoption, it does not have the complex functionality of Ethereum, but allows fast and easy access to token facilities.


After the MobileGo crowdsale, MGO tokens […]

March 2017

Getting started with MyEtherWallet

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Ethereum is a powerful platform, but it isn’t as user-friendly as other crypto applications. Unless you’re an expert, the easiest way to get started with sending and receiving tokens is to use the web app […]

What is BlockSwap and why will MobileGo use it?

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MobileGo will use a cool new piece of tech that allows it to exist on two blockchains simultaneously, with tokens passing between them as holders wish.


Both the Ethereum and Waves blockchains offer unique functionality. Ethereum’s […]

The Bitcoin bull, GAME, and the MobileGo crowdsale

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The crypto markets are extremely volatile right now, possibly approaching a critical moment of one form or another. How does this impact GAME and MobileGo?


On Friday 10 March, the SEC rejected the proposal for a […]

The ‘Dilution’ Misconception  

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MobileGo is not the equivalent of a share split for GAME. It’s a marketing fund and smart contracts application to drive it forward.


At the beginning of March, shares in the beleaguered Deutsche Bank fell over […]

Which token is the better investment, MobileGo or GAME?

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TL;DR they are both compelling but not the same. Anyone interested in one will want to consider holding the other, though allocations will depend on risk profiles and ROI timelines, amongst other factors.


By now the […]

MobileGo and GAME: business models and comparisons

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There has been some confusion around the difference and overlap between MobileGo and gamecredits. This article aims to clarify their respective use cases.


The gamecredits community has been working […]

February 2017

MobileGo Crowdfund Announced for Gamecredits Mobile Store

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Today a new smart contract token, MobileGo, was announced that will allow for the develop-ment of decentralized solutions on the Gamecredits Mobile Store. The Gamecredits Mobile Store is scheduled to be release in early Q2 […]