In order to calculate amount of MGO tokens every investor should get we are using the following method:

1. Get BTC value in USD for the moment of investment. We are using coindesk – check it here . We were tracking the price on the per minute basis.

2. If the investment was not in BTC but in other currency – convert it to BTC using bittrex (since it’s the only exchange that has all the required pairs – for ETH, GAME, WAVES and ANS).

3. Now convert to USD using the information above.

4. Apply bonuses. F.e. if you invested 100 worth of BTC on week 1 – it will be 100*1.15=115 USD5. Now use MobileGo price (based on total amount invested) which is 1.8648 MobileGo per USD, so in the example above (100 dollars week 1) it will be 100*1.15*1.8648 = 214.452 MGO