Frequently Asked Questions

MobileGo is a new Ethereum ERC 20 token being created to allow for smart contract technology and development within the Gamecredits Mobile Store.

The Gamecredits Mobile Store is an android application that will host thousands of mainstream mobile games from across the world. The store will accept Gamecredits (GAME), an open source POW cryptocurrency, as its primary payment and transaction currency.

Gamecredits is a POW script coin. It serves very well as a form of transaction for payments., has an established brand and a large following of supporters. However, we believe in the development of decentralized smart contract technological solutions for the gaming industry.  To create these solutions within our mobile application we need a smart contract token. MobileGo is that token.

There are three MobileGo development solutions on our current roadmap.

  1. A decentralized virtual marketplace.
  2. Decentralized tournament functionality.
  3. Decentralized gamer to gamer match play.

Virtual currency existed in the gaming world long before the first cryptocurrency existed. For example, World of Warcraft (WOW) for years has had a huge 3rd party economy sprung up from the desire for WOW Gold. Gamers love to buy/sell/trade in-game content and the demand is in the hundreds of millions of dollars. However, these 3rd party economies are notoriously scattered, unregulated and fraught with fraud.  Our decentralized solution will use smart contracts to allow gamers to buy/sell/trade in-game content without having to leave our application and without the fear of fraud or manipulation. MobileGo will be the transaction token for this marketplace.

Gamers love to compete with each other. Gaming tournaments are a multi-billion dollar world wide economy. Most mobile games are not MMRPG and do not have tournament functionality. We will develop a tournament system from which gamers will be able to create their own tournaments and prizes in which to participate. These tournaments will be based on smart contracts using the MobileGo token.

A lot of the underlying concepts are the same. However, MobileGo will focus on the mobile gaming market, by far the fastest growing gaming market in the world.

Another big difference is that our solutions will be hosted within the game store application. This means that players will not have to play a game somewhere and then go to a separate application to participate in matches and tournaments. This will allow us to fully leverage the traffic to our application. Critical mass is very important in economies such as these.

We are developing a smart contract system where gamers can create challenges and/or wagers with each other based on game play results.

Yes. MobileGo will be a central part of the gamification of the Gamecredits Mobile Store. In the application, users will have profiles. These profiles will have status tiers, based on factors such as loyalty, referrals and ownership of MobileGo. Qualifying for higher tiers will earn special benefits, including in-game purchase discounts, invitations to special centralized mobile store tournaments and private beta of new games.

All of our games are mainstream games already hosted on at least Google Play. Our goal is quality and quantity. The initial launch should have at least 300 games from over 150 developers. However, because of the interest we’ve received from the gaming industry we are confident that our store will host over 1000 games by the end of 2017. As we ramp up our application our goal is to host tens of thousands of games.

More and more game developers are struggling to successfully monetize their games as Google Play and Apple Store have monopolized the industry outside of China.  We offer many advantages.  The three biggest advantages are:

  1. 10% revenue fees vs. 30% with Google Play and Apple Store
  2. Bi-weekly payouts vs. 60 day hold with Google Play and Apple Store
  3. Store Visibility. We will actively help promote the games in our store.

Gamers want three things: savings, convenience and entertainment value.

Game developers on our platform understand that for cryptocurrency to work in the gaming industry they must pass down savings to gamers in the form of discounts and incentives.

Our platform is being built to house everything under one roof. We will be the first mobile gaming store to offer centralized tournaments, decentralized tournaments, gamer match play, and a virtual marketplace.

50% will go to direct marketing

20% to MobileGo development including virtual marketplace, decentralized tournament play and gamer to gamer match play

30% reserved for legal fees, licenses, payment processing float and partnership development and branding.

Our mobile gaming platform is already built. Therefore, unlike most other crowdsale projects, we are ready to go to market. Acquiring a critical mass of players is key to market penetration. Our platform is a for profit model. The more gamers we acquire, the more revenue we generate on the platform, and the more profits we can generate.

As detailed on our whitepaper, the average industry cost per gamer acquisition is $1.50.  We project our average annual profit per gamer around $5.30.  In essence, our marketing budget cannot be too large. The more gamers we acquire to use the platform, the larger the profit cycle projects to be.

100 million tokens.

Correct. We are the first large scale token issuance to use dual blockchain technology.  There are many advantages of this setup. First, MobileGo can leverage advantages from both Ethereum and Waves. Ethereum allows for smart contracts and a large open source developer pool. Waves has a very intuitive GUI and the coming ability for fiat on ramping.

In the long run, having two blockchains means that if something unforeseen was to happen to one of these blockchains, the second one would act as redundancy.

Our core development team has over 20 years of combined experience as game developers and running successful gaming companies.  Our security team also has over 15 years of security experience and experience running big data technologies. Our blockchain development team also have experience creating decentralized smart contract exchanges and have advised on some of the largest Ethereum projects to date.

We welcome all developers.  There are many ways you can help now. Please contact us at [email protected].   Once the crowd sale is complete, we will be expanding our in-house development staff.

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