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GameCredits Store Demonstration Live!

We are pleased to announce that our mobile gaming store is ready for demo!

Thursday April 20th at 11:00 AM PST (7:00 PM CET) Sergey Sholom, VP of Business Development, will host a Twitter and Facebook livestream demoing and answering questions about the GameCredits Mobile Store.

The GameCredits Store features hundreds of games and we invite all our supporters to test out the product. This version of the application is available for android devices and will allow our community to get a feel of how the store operates.

To join the live event either join our Facebook or Twitter links below:

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MobileGo Leadership Visits China

From April 5th to April 7th MobileGo’s VP of Operations and others traveled to Beijing and Shanghai and met with Chinese crypto, exchange and business leaders interested in MobileGo.

In Beijing, MobileGo entered a partnership with Antshares to accept Antshares in the MobileGo crowdsale, introducing MobileGo to a wider Chinese audience. In Shanghai, MobileGo held a meet up for individuals and business leaders interested in MobileGo. The meetup was a great success and dozens of cryptocurrency community members showed up to here him speak.

The enthusiasm around MobileGo in China was humbling. The MobileGo team enjoyed the opportunity to see the support from so many of our Chinese team members. Thank you!

Sergey Sholom Meets With Sasha and Vitalik

Its been a busy week for Sergey Sholom. After returning from China, Sergey Sholom traveled to the Waves headquarters in Moscow. Sergey was interviewed by Waves CEO Sasha Ivanov and answered a number of questions regarding the crowdsale starting April 25th.

Also this week, Sergey met with Vitalik Buterin at a developers conference in Moscow.

MobileGo is the first dual blockchain cryptocurrency using both the Waves and Ethereum platforms. We appreciate the support we have received from both communities.


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