MobileGo Distribution Update

MGO Distribution Update


Starting tomorrow we will begin MGO distribution.  If everything goes smoothly we expect full distribution to be completed within the next three to four days.  

Because of the current congestion on the ETH blockchain, some other recent ICOs have experienced a spike in ETH GAS prices during distribution. The fact that the MGO crowdsale has over 13k deposits and to avoid the same potential issue, we will be distributing in small batches at a time.

Keep in mind, we will not be going live on any exchange until the full distribution is complete. However, this only includes people who have sent us a Waves or ETH address to send MGO to. If you have not provided us an "send to" address, please go to the dashboard and do so as quickly as possible.

Please also note, MGO cannot be sent to an exchange address. Please only provide non-exchange addresses to send to.

If you have not set an address up yet, here is a video showing you the step by step process.

Receiving MGO


Additionally, all Incent has been purchased and we will be ready to distribute Incent starting over the next few days. Thank you for you support!




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