MobileGo 15% Discount Gets Extended!

MobileGo 15% First Week Discount Extended 72 Hours!


In our last update we mentioned that MGO token amounts will be viewable in the crowdsale dashboard soon. Currently we expect those totals to be available to you today.

It was our initial intention that all crowdsale participants be able to see their initial balances well in advance of the final day of the 15% discount (+7% if sending GAME). Because it took us longer than expected to prepare these totals in our system, and to help some of you who had display of deposits issues, we felt it was only fair to extend the 15% discount a few more days in order for people to better make a decision about their level of participation. 

It also gives us a chance to handle any outstanding customer service issues before the 15% discount expires. 

The final cutoff time for the 15% discount will be Friday May 5th at 3pm UTC/8am PST. The participation in the crowdsale continues to grow everyday. We appreciate your support!


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