Today a new smart contract token, MobileGo, was announced that will allow for the develop-ment of decentralized solutions on the Gamecredits Mobile Store. The Gamecredits Mobile Store is scheduled to be release in early Q2 2017.

MobileGo token, to be issued on both the Ethereum and Waves blockchains, will be the center-piece of several new mobile gaming technologies. These include mobile gamer to gamer match play, decentralized tournaments issued and run by gamers, and a decentralized virtual market-place where players can trade virtual items and in-game content.

MobileGo tokens will also be used to gamify the Gamecredits mobile store. Gamers will have a profile in the store and will have the chance to earn benefits such as purchase discounts and free sponsored tournament entries. Rewards will be earned through profile status, which will be achieved with, among other things, MobileGo token ownership.

The Gamecredits Mobile Store is a project two years in development. It currently has over 300 games and 150 developers signed on for its launch. Gamecredits cryptocurrency (GAME) will remain the core coin used for all game and in-game content purchases. GAME is also the cen-terpiece of the new Gamecredits payment gateway released last month to the gaming industry.

“We are excited to expand our roadmap to included these decentralized solutions,” says VP of Business Development for Gamecredits, Inc. Sergey Sholom. “As successful game developers for the last 13 years we know that to achieve consumer adoption of crypto, we need to give gamers choices, help them save money and make their experience more rewarding and excit-ing.”

The MobileGo crowdsale will be promoted both the west and in China. China is currently the only country in the world where over 200 successful third party mobile gaming stores exist. “China is crucial to our success. We are happy to announce several gaming partnerships there already,” says Sholom. Sholom plans to travel to China to promote the MobileGo token and the Gamecredits Mobile Store.

With the centralization of mobile gaming stores outside of China, MobileGo hopes to offer gam-ers more control over their experiences. The ability to trade digital items and tournament match-es are things players cannot find on mobile platforms such as Google Play and Apple Store.

The official crowdsale for MobileGo tokens will begin in mid-April and run for one month. More details can be found at