MobileGo Crowdsale Ends In 12 Hours!

Final 12 Hours Of Historic Crowdsale!

The time has almost arrived! The moment when we can put the crowdsale behind us and move forward with all the plans of making MobileGo and Gamecredits mainstream gaming currencies. 

This record breaking crowdsale is but the first of a long list of victories we plan on celebrating with you. We believe the time for cryptocurrency to go mainstream is now upon us and we believe the gaming industry is the most ripe opportunity for this type of breakthrough. With your support MGO is now positioned as the leader in the crypto gaming space.

If you haven't already, there are only a few hours left before the crowdsale closes. If you are still planning on sending any deposits, we encourage you to not wait until the very last minute, but to give yourself ample time before the final deadline at 8am/PST 3pm UTC May 24th. 

We look forward to a truly exciting journey ahead. Thank you again for your support!


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