MobileGo Crowdsale Update

MobileGo Crowdsale Update


MobileGo Team Meets With Top Business Leaders In India

Leaders from the MobileGo team spent the last three days in India.  The companies they met with there included PayTm, Airtel, Reliance, Jio, Flipkart, Shopclues and Vodafone.  These meetings went exceptionally well and were designed to create new corporate sponsorships to help promote the mobile gaming store in India as well as establish additional regional payment methods.

India is an emerging crypto and gaming market and our mobile gaming platform is aligning itself to help cultivate this growth. We expect to have some exciting announcements about the details of these partnerships over the next few weeks and months.


New Technical Support Form

As we mentioned yesterday, a few of you are experiencing  issues with the crowdsale portal. To help facilitate all issues, we have created a form to fill out that will allow us to more easily handle your request.  You can access it by clicking the link below:

Support Issue Form


A Few More Things

The MobileGo crowdsale continues to grow. Currently, our total stands at over $6.5 million dollars. All deposits received right now still qualify for the first week 15% discount and an additional 7% if you deposit with GAME.

Over the next few days you will be able to see your MobileGo token amounts in the crowdsale panel. Until then we invite you to come join our slack if you would like to find out the latest news about MobileGo and the MobileGo crowdsale.

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