MobileGo Discounts Announced

Crowdsale Discounts Announced

Today we are announcing the MobileGo crowdsale discounts and how you can participate. Discounts will be given both to early investors and additional discounts will be given for investments in Gamecredits.


MobileGo Discount Schedule

Week #1

15% discount all accepted currencies

Additional GAME discount +7%

Week #2

10% discount all accepted currencies

Additional GAME discount +7%

Week #3

5% discount all accepted currencies

Additional GAME discount +7%

Week #4

0% general discount

Additional GAME discount +10%

Currencies accepted are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Waves and Gamecredits.


MobileGo Escrow Details Finalized

We are pleased to announce the MobileGo escrow agreement with Fran Stragnar of BraveNewCoin. Fran and his team are the industry leader of crowdsale escrows.  Each of the MobileGo deposit wallets will be multi-signature where applicable. Release fund schedule and fund holding will have 3rd party oversight and transparent public reporting.

For all the specific details of our escrow please visit


MobileGo Community Growth

Since the official MobileGO announcement three weeks ago, our community has grown dramatically.   Our Chinese WeChat groups and slack channels have grown by the hundreds. Our social media channels have grown exponentially. And our media exposure has been intense, with dozens of articles including mentions in VentureBeat and The Next Web.

Behind the scenes, we now have over 70 games being tested on the mobile gaming store, with new games being added everyday.  We are also in discussions with several important players both in the crypto and gaming industry space to form new partnerships moving forward. As more and more people are learning about MobileGo and the Gamecredits store, more companies and individuals are interested in getting involved. It is a very exciting time for our project and we want to again thank all of you for your on going and growing support.

If you have not already, please join us on our slack channel and bitcointalk discussion thread.

MobileGo Slack

MobileGo Bitcointalk

MobileGo Website


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