MobileGo Distribution Questions and Answers

MobileGo Distribution Instructions


Based on many questions we have received since our last email, we realize that there are a lot of participants for whom MobileGo is their first crypto crowdsale. In order to expedite distribution and decrease the chances of misunderstanding, we want to clarify a few important points to make sure you received your MGO as quickly as possible.


First, in the MobileGo dashboard you must enter at least one ETH address or one Waves address.  If you want a 50/50% split of tokens you must enter one ETH and one Waves address. NONE of these addresses can be exchange addresses. For example, if you have a Coinbase ETH address you CANNOT send MGO to that Coinbase wallet. Doing so may result in the loss of your MGO tokens. You must send to a Mist or MEW or some other third party non-exchange wallet that accepts and shows ETH assets.


You can add MGO to your Mist or MEW wallet display by simply putting the following under "add custom token:" 

Address: 0x40395044Ac3c0C57051906dA938B54BD6557F212
Symbol: MGO
Decimals: 8

This will allow you to see your MGO token in your ETH wallet once MGO is sent to you.


Likewise, do NOT send MGO to a Waves exchange address. Instead use the downloadable Waves wallet or the Waves Chrome app wallet. These wallet options are located here:


If you have not watched this video on how to get ETH and Waves wallet addresses and where to enter these addresses into the MGO dashboard please do so:

Watch Tutorial


Finally, as shown in the video above, to receive you Incent bonus you must add an address to be sent to. This address MUST be either a NON-exchange Waves wallet or an exchange Incent wallet address. Incent is currently traded on Bittrex and therefore you can send your Incent to a Bittrex Incent wallet.  Incent distribution will begin as soon as MGO distribution has completed.




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