MobileGo and GameCredits Livestream Reminder

Allcoin MGO Volume on the Rise

MobileGo trading is heating up on the Chinese market. Trading on Allcoin exchange surpassed 1000 BTC per day volume in the last few days.

As the release of the GameCredits Mobile Store is nearing, Chinese are showing great interest in this token due to the fact they are quite familiar with mobile markets other than Google Play and Apple Store.

Asia is the region with the greatest growth in mobile gaming markets, consisting of 49% of all smartphone users.

China represents 30.2% of the world's smartphone users. 73.3% of these smartphones are Android. As a result, most mobile gaming revenues are generated on Android devices. In China, there are over 200 successful third party mobile stores. GameCredits Mobile Store along with its MobileGo token tends to become a major contender on such vast market.

You can trade MGO on Allcoin here:

MobileGo and GameCredits Livestream


On Friday June 23rd 8:00 AM CET Sergey Sholom will host a livestream covering recent developments and will announce one of the big upcoming events affecting GameCredits and  MobileGo. The stream is hosted very early in the morning U.S. time to cater to our large and fast growing Asian community. If you cannot make it, please be sure to watch the recording!

Livestream Link:


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