MobileGo Discount Expires in 20 Hours

Final MobileGo Discount Level Expires In 20 Hours


Our final 5% discount on MobileGo purchases expires 3pm UTC/8am PST May 16th. Deposits received before then will receive a 5% weighted discount and deposits with GAME will receive a 12% weighted discount.  Keep in mind that all deposits are given credit based on their equivalent USD value at the time of deposit. 


MobileGo Largest Crypto Crowdsale In History


We are proud to announce that MobileGo is now the largest crypto crowdsale in history. Over $18.5 million has been received, surpassing the total collected in the Ethereum crowdsale. More amazing is the fact that MobileGo collected $0 dollars from VCs (venture capitalists).  MobileGo is not only the largest in dollar amount raised, but also in the number of participants, with over 8000 deposit transactions to date. 

Because of the efforts of people like YOU, MobileGo has set the standard for what open collective crowd funding should be. We are honored to be a part of this project and humbled by how many of you have come to support us and join the movement to bring crypto into mainstream gaming. While we do understand that some people get involved in crowdsales with the goal of a quick profit turnaround, we are dedicated to rewarding those of you who remain a part of this community long term. 

Thank you so much for your support!


Customer Services Issues 99% Resolved


We are happy to say that most all issues related to dashboard displays have been fixed. Although we are eager to make sure no issues remain. If you are experiencing any issues for any reasons please fill out our ISSUES FORM. Thank you!


[email protected]

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