MobileGo Raises $53,069,235 Thanks To You!

MobileGo Raises Over $53 Million Thanks To You

Thank you, thank you, thank you! What can we say? A massive final surge of deposits came in the last 48 hours and what was already a record crowdsale became even more epic. Not only is MobileGo the largest crypto crowdsale to go to completion, it is also the 4th largest crowdfunding product in history!  All made possible by people like you.

We know many of you have questions about what is coming next. Here is a brief outline:

1. We have begun a full audit of funds received and account totals.  Most likely the MGO totals you see in your panel are very close to the final totals but we will auditing over the next few days and making any updates or changes as necessary.  

2. Once we have performed the audit we will begin preparations for distribution. You will have the option to receive MGO as an Ethereum token or as a Waves token. We will be sending information about when you can claim and how to claim your MGO.

3. We are in discussions with several large exchanges. We will not be releasing information on these until closer to distribution or perhaps after distribution. However we do feel confident MGO will be on exchanges - large exchanges - quickly. 

4. Your Incent bonus will be dealt with at the same time as MGO. Once the audit is complete Incent will be purchased and dispursed. You will have to have a Waves wallet in order to receive your Incent. You can go to to learn about Waves wallet options.

5. If you have additional questions about how your MGO tokens are calculated, you can see examples here:



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