MobileGo Team Hangout May 10th

MobileGo Team Hangout May 10th 5pm UTC/10am PST


We invite you to come join Sergey Sholom, Jack Kuveke and Jon Comer on MobileGo's first live google hangout this Wednesday. Sergey will be talking about his recent travels in Europe and India to promote the mobile gaming store. Jon and Jack will be talking about the progress of the crowdsale and participation.

In addition all three will be taking questions from those of you from the MobileGo community who join.  So come join us for the latest news and updates regarding MobileGo.



10% Discount Bonus Period Ends In 18 Hours


Our second week discount period ends May 9th at 3pm UTC/8am PST. All deposits before that period will receive a 10% discount with GAME deposits receiving an additional 7% discount. The MobileGo crowdsale has now raised over $13 million USD and is currently the 5th largest crypto crowdsale in history with over 6000 registrations to date.

We expect this wide distribution to help with the growth of the MobileGo secondary market and prove to be a wide base of support for the upcoming mobile gaming store and future MobileGo products.


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