MobileGo token distribution


MobileGo token distribution


We have changed our initial distribution model slightly. There will be a special form with 2 fields - one for ETH addresses and one for Waves addresses. Even people who have invested using only Waves will need to enter a withdrawal address (even if it is the address you sent from).

We recommend that you use an Ethereum wallet or Waves wallet (non-exchange wallets), for example MyEtherWallet ( or Waves Lite (

You can input a Waves address or ETH address or both. If you enter both, the amount you can withdraw will be split equally between both platforms, so you will get 50% of tokens on Waves and 50% on Ethereum. If you enter just 1 address you will get all tokens on the respective platform.

Right now we are going through the final stage of token contract audit (also from some major exchanges) and once we get the approval - they will be announced, and an option to input your withdrawal address will be activated. We expect to begin this process within 5 days to a week.

We will start token distribution approximately 3-4 days after that, and in about 10 days after distribution the token will actually get listed on the exchanges. We are doing that in order to make sure all of our supporters have equal conditions, and that everything goes as smooth as possible for everyone.


Crowdsale panel status

As you might have noticed our crowdsale panel is currently unavailable some of the time. There are two reasons for this - one is our investment audit and the other reason is an attack that was performed right after the crowdsale was closed.

A Denial of Service attack (or DDoS) is a type of attack that overloads a service with a huge amount of requests of different types. While the web application itself is covered by Cloudflare enterprise edition, some parts of it are still vulnerable. In this case the attack was actually targeted at the database level.

Nothing was damaged at all, and the only actual aftermath is that the amount of traffic was so huge (over 6 terabytes in just few hours) that database service consumption went way over the reasonable limits. So we updated the settings in order to temporarily limit that, and once everything settles down - we will return the panel back to normal operational mode. Of course that will happen before we actually start the distribution as described above.

ProductHunt campaign

We were thrilled today to find out that someone from the community listed MobileGo on Product Hunt ( We appreciate that, and wanted to add MobileGo ourselves as ProductHunt allows us to gain great visibility among early adopters in IT world.

We were not prepared to launch it just yet of course, so we would be grateful if you could support MobileGo one more time. To do that you will need to go to, find MobileGo via the search bar and upvote it. Platform rules don't allow posting a direct link to the listing, so that might take more effort - and therefore we appreciate the support.



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