MobileGo Token Balances To Be Shown Soon

MobileGo Tokens Totals To Be Shown Soon

We've received questions from some of you about when you will be able to see your current MobileGo token totals in the crowdsale dashboard. We are pleased to say that we are close to releasing the initial totals and expect to do so over the next 24-48 hours.

Keep in mind totals are not permanent. As the crowdsale continues to raise more funds the initial tokens for every individual will change.  However, you will be able to track your token amounts through to the very end of the crowdsale. 


Incent Bonuses Also Coming Soon

As some of you may have noticed, at the bottom of the crowdsale portal, it says "Incent bonus". Incent is a cryptocurrency project that has partnered with MobileGo to help with our crowdsale. In the broader scope, Incent is working to disrupt the current loyalty rewards models found within traditional corporate business.  

As a bonus, every MobileGo crowdsale participant will receive a free amount of Incent to do with as you wish. It is a thank you from the MobileGo team. We plan to release this bonus within the next week.

You can learn more about Incent at  Currently Incent is traded on Bittrex. 


Still Have A Technical Issue?

We want everyone's crowdsale to run smoothly. If you have any issues please report them HERE. We have also added a button within the crowdsale dashboard to report any issues you have.  Thank you again. We appreciate all of your support. 



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